One-day excursions and tours description 2024 season.

The Valley of Geysers - caldera of the Uzon volcano (the second half of June - the end of September). Uzon Volcano caldera
  • Departure from the heliport to the Valley of Geysers, the flight includes flying around active volcanoes, the Karymsky volcano and the Maly Semyachik volcano with the Acidic Lake inside (flight time – 1 hour 15 minutes).
  • Landing at the Valley of Geysers. 5-10 minutes for rest and toilets
  • 2-hours walking-tour with a guide along the 5th, 6th, 7th sections of the Valley of Geysers
  • On the 5th section tourists are sure to watch eruptions of Geyser Maly (Small) and spring Malaya Pechka (Small Oven). As to Geyser Bolshoy (Big), it erupts once in 2 hours, so when one has the chance
  • On the 6th section tourist are sure to watch eruptions of the following sources: the spring Malakhitovy Grot (Malachite Grotto), the spring Averi, Geyser Novy Fontan (New Fountain), Geyser Fontan (Fountain), Geyser Nepostoyanny (Unsteady), Geyser Dvoinoy (Double). There is an opportunity to watch eruptions of such Geysers as Shchel (Slot), Velikan (Giant), Zhemchuzhny (Pearly): the cycle of these geysers is rather long – Shchel (once in 30 min.), Giant (once in 4-10 hours), Pearly (once in 4-5 hours); as to Geyser Grot (Grotto), it erupts once in several years. According the statistics, only 2 of 10 groups are able to watch their eruptions
  • Flight to the caldera of the Uzon volcano
  • Walking-tour along the Eastern thermal field (1 hour). Bannoye Lake (which consists of sulfur), cauldrons with hot water, springs with colonies of thionic bacteria (taking part in the process of sulfuric acid formation). Khloridnoye Lake (consists of chloride and sodium, includes sulfuric beach), clayey volcanoes, mud cauldrons: The Sculpture cauldron
  • Flight to the Zhupanova River or to Nalycheva Valey, lunch in the tourist centre
  • Departure to the heliport (flight time – 35 minutes).

    Costs 70000.00 RUB per person; 20% off for child up to 12 years old. Cash only!

The Kurilskoye Lake – The Khodutka Hot Springs (the second half of July-the end of September). Bear on Kurilskoye Lake
  • Helicopter departure from the heliport.
  • Flight to the Kurilskoye Lake (flight time 1 hour 20 min.)
  • Landing on the cape Travyanoy (Grassy) or near the Ozernaya river head.
  • An hour walking excursion with the guide along the lake shore. Watching the scene of bear fishing and salmon run. About 2 millions species of salmon return to the lake to spawn. The spawning season is the most important reason for the brown bear to appear on the lake. During the first days of fish run even on the bank of a single river within 2-3 kilometers one can meet up to 30 bears catching fish
  • Helicopter flight over the pumice rocks Kutkhiny Baty. The rock's form resembles the giant vertical boats. (flight time 10 min.)
  • Helicopter flight to the Khodutka Hot Springs (flight time 40 min.)
  • Bathing in the hot river. Lunch.
  • Return to Yelisovo (flight time 40 min).

    Costs 70000.00 RUB per person; 20% off for child up to 12 years old. Cash only!



Excursion around Avacha bay by boat with sea fishing and Ukha (fish soup)
Killer whale
  • Visit Starichkov Island to view sea birds and mammals (5-6 hours in total). This tour is a unique opportunity to see the fascinating surroundings of Petropavlovsk from the sea, to explore the shores of the Avachinskaya bay, and to watch colonies of seabirds in their natural habitats
  • A boat trip out into the bay is a very relaxing way of gaining an alternative view of the splendid setting of Petropavlovsk and its dramatic volcanoes. Departing from a pier, the expanse of the hilly city soon falls into perspective. Further toward the middle of the bay, both  Koryaksky and Avacha volcanoes come into view behind the city. When Avacha erupted in 1991, people living in Petropavlovsk could watch the red stream of lava coming down the slope towards the city, while hot ashes were shooting into the skies above the summit crater
  • Avacha Bay is geographically as perfect a bay as a city could hope for. It is large and deep, with a narrow opening which keeps out foul weather and ice. The harbor is open to shipping year round, and is also well protected from the dreaded tsunami waves that are created by earthquakes around the Pacific Ocean margins. The boat heads toward the mouth of the bay, allowing views of the Northwest side of Petropavlovsk and the many boats that make their home in these ports. Near the mouth of the bay, the Three Brothers are tall finger-like sea stacks, whose rock faces rise vertically out of the water. The cliffs around the bay house many colonies of seabirds in their natural habitats, and puffins are commonly seen among many other types of seabird.

    Costs 7000 RUB per person; 20% off for child up to 12 years old.


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